CBD Vape Cartridge – Sunset Sherbet (200mg)

CBD Vape Cartridge – Sunset Sherbet (200mg)


Sunset Sherbet’s blend of terpenes result in a sweet and citrusy flavor just like the tart and tangy frozen dessert. Enjoy the effects of CBD while delighting in its sweet aroma!

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Enjoy fine flavors with our pre-loaded, disposable CBD hemp oil vape cartridges. Each cartridge is made with 99% pure CBD extract and real cannabis terpenes (THC-free). Each cartridge has a ceramic heating element and a glass reservoir to ensure great taste and high quality.

Pre-loaded, disposable, ceramic heating element & glass reservoir. 99% pure CBD extract & real cannabis-derived terpenes.

Contains No: PG, VG, PEG & DEG
Ingredients: MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD)
Serving Size: 1 Draw
Servings Per Unit: 60 Draws
Suggested Use: Consume as needed
Shelf Life: 2 Years from Batch Date
THC: This product contains less than 0.3% THC

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