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A Trusted Brand in Natural Wellness.

Canna Hemp™ has been helping people improve
their lives since 2017. Built on the desire to harness the power of the cannabis plant, Canna Hemp™ focused on creating a brand that utilizes beneficial cannabinoids, natural ingredients and proprietary effects-based formulations in easy-to-use applications that appeal to a growing, health-conscious community. Today, Canna Hemp™ has evolved into a trusted wellness brand that has endured in a rapidly evolving market. Our hemp-extracted CBD, CBG and CBN cannabinoids are sourced from licensed hemp growers in Colorado and Nevada. All finished products are lab-tested with certificates of analyses available so that you can trust that we are providing the highest quality products for your overall wellness. 

Our superior hemp-extracted products are carefully and thoughtfully crafted with high quality, organic botanical ingredients. Our exclusive TerpFX™ formulas are a proprietary line of terpene blends used to create diverse aromas and flavors with varied effects such as Sleep, Relief, Calm, Focus and Energy.

We believe in the power of the cannabis plant and we strive to offer the very best CBD, CBG and CBN products on the market. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you become a member of the Canna Hemp™ community.