Understanding Cannabidiol (CBD)

What Makes Each Canna Hemp Vape Pen Unique

Canna Hemp offers five varieties of its TerpFX CBD (cannabidiol) vape pens. Each has a different custom blend of terpenes for effects such as Focus, Calm, Euphoria, Sleep, and Relief. The subtle flavor profiles of each elixir are similar. The science behind them makes them unique.  

Terpenes are organic chemical compounds similar to essential oils that are found in numerous plants. Terpenes contribute to a plant’s flavor, scent, and color. There are over 120 varieties of terpenes found in hemp and marijuana. 

But terpenes may do much more than what meets the eye (or nose, or taste buds). Research points to many health benefits. Each terpene possesses various pharmacological activities—such as anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory—that may relieve certain ailments or aid in biological processes.  

Cannabidiol is also an organic chemical compound found in cannabis. It exhibits many potential (and similar) health benefits as terpenes. Further research shows that the effects of each strengthen when CBD and terpenes are used together. This process is called the “entourage effect.” A 2011 report suggests this effect could “produce synergy with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety …” among others.  

But back to Canna Hemp’s signature TerpFX terpene blends. Why are certain terpenes chosen for certain blends? What ailments or health issues could each Canna Hemp TerpFX vape pen help with? Read on to learn how to promote your personal wellness—all in a natural and organic way.

Canna Hemp’s cbd Focus vape pen

Studies show that the terpenes a-pinene, b-caryophyllene, and citral have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. All three thus promote total body health, and all three are in Canna Hemp’s Focus vape pen. A-pinene also shows a bronchodilator property. That means it helps increase airflow to the lungs, so you can breathe easy while staying focused.

Canna Hemp’s cbd Calm vape pen

Looking for some serenity? Our Calm vape pen contains linalool, which exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative effects. It also contains nerolidol—studies show it has sedative and anti-anxiety effects. The research behind this terpene blend points to a calm, cool, and collected experience.

Canna Hemp’s cbd Euphoria vape pen

Research shows the anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects of linalool. Studies have also pointed to the anti-inflammatory property of myrcene. Both of those terpenes are in Canna Hemp’s Euphoria elixir.  And with more anti-anxiety power from limonene, the Euphoria elixir may help uplift your mood or act as an antidepressant.

Canna Hemp’s cbd Sleep vape pen

We discussed linalool’s anti-anxiety and sedative effects, so you probably guessed that it’s in our Sleep elixir. Well, you were right. While that might be enough to put you to bed, Sleep also contains citral and myrcene. Studies show that both are anti-inflammatory, and the former also has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Sleep’s terpene blend is just what you need to catch some Zzzs.  

Canna Hemp’s cbd Relief vape pen

Finally, Canna Hemp’s Relief vape pen may aid in relieving pain and inflammation. The terpenes in this elixir do a lot to help make that happen. Relief contains myrcene (which exhibits anti-inflammatory effects) and linalool (which exhibits analgesic, anti-anxiety, and sedative properties). Basically, this terpene cocktail wants you to feel gooooooood.

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