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Canna Hemp Story

Canna Hemp’s journey began with a belief in natural healing. As medical doctors continue to focus on prescription drugs that treat only symptoms, the founders of Canna Hemp began to seek solutions that addressed the whole body without the negative side effects from mainstream medications. Inspired to share the amazing holistic benefits that cannabis offers, Canna Hemp was born.


Canna Hemp’s superior hemp-based products are carefully and thoughtfully crafted to ensure each product has the perfect blend of high quality organic botanical ingredients.

Canna Hemp features organically derived hemp seed oil legally cultivated in the United States. These hemp-only products are Body Lotion available in five fragrances. Oil, Lip Balm, Pain Relief Cream, Elixir, and Capsules will be added soon.

Canna Hemp with CBD features high quality CBD oil. These CBD-infused hemp-based products include Body Lotion available in five fragrances, Lip Balm available in five flavors, Pain Relief Cream, Dabs. Our Vape Pens and Elixirs are infused with our exclusive TerpFx, a proprietary blend of terpenes developed to mimic profiles of cannabis strains specifically used to enhance sleep, focus, euphoria, calming, and pain relief.