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Achieve tremendous results with our TerpFx line of Canna Hemp CBD Elixirs. Each Elixir contains 100% legal CBD, real cannabis terpenes, and is processed with our state-of-the-art nanoparticle technology for maximum bioavailability.

TerpFX is our proprietary blend of terpenes developed to mimic profiles of cannabis strains specifically used for sleep, focus, euphoria, calming, and pain relief. Our terpenes are nanoparticulated, meaning their microscopic particles are small enough to be absorbed at a cellular level. When combined with CBD, terpenes create what is known as the entourage effect, which describes the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes to make the overall effect more noticeable and diverse.

Why Nanoparticulate?
• Improves effectiveness • Use less with increased result • Reduces cost to consumer

The Science
Nanoparticles are particles between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. The smaller the particle size, the less the body is required to break down for bioavailability.  When the body is required to break down a nutrient for absorption, it must be done in a timely manner before the nutrient passes through the body.  Most cannabinoids (such as CBD) measure over 2000 nanometers in size requiring the body to work diligently to make it available for absorption.  Some research suggests that only 10% of regular extracted CBD oil is absorbed before it leaves the body. Our state-of-the-art processor reduces the CBD particle size making it immediately bioavailable while eliminating product loss.