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Enjoy fine flavors with our pre-loaded, disposable CBD hemp oil vape cartridges. Each cartridge is made with 99% pure CBD extract and real cannabis terpenes (THC-free). Each cartridge has a ceramic heating element and a glass reservoir to ensure not only great taste, but a certain high quality only Canna Hemp can offer.

Available in Diamond OG and Tangerine Dream flavors.

What are vape cartridges?
Vape cartridges are containers of CBD extract processed into a vaporizable liquid. The vaporizer cartridge requires a battery to be used.

How do vape cartridges work?
The cartridge is connected to a battery/power source, and a small “atomizer” device inside the cartridge heats up, which vaporizes a small amount of the liquid while you inhale. For Canna Hemp’s vape cartridges, they must be applied to a 510-vaporizer battery or power cell to work properly.