Wholesale/Bulk Orders

Canna Hemp is a full turnkey operation offering support for the Hemp and CBD through our Partnership Programs.

Wholesaler Program

Thank you for your interest in the Canna Hemp’s Wholesale Program.  It’s pretty exciting to discover the source for the lowest cost and highest quality CBD body and skincare products.  It’s even more exciting to realize that you can resell Infused products and make a profit or purchase them at a discount to use in your business.  Partner with us today and join us in our mission to make the benefits available to the world at affordable pricing.

Bulk Order Sales Program

Reduce your overhead cost by using our Bulk Order Program. Our Bulk Ordering discounts will help you make the profits you need on your CBD products. We will help you choose your items wisely to give you the best options for your dispensaries, online shops and for medical professionals. You can count on our quality product to make your profits.