Canna Hemp X

Canna Hemp X

Canna Hemp™ X’s topical relief and recovery line delivers quick results for today’s athlete.


May be used to provide hot and cold therapy for joint pain/arthritis; muscle achiness as a result of inflammation, spasms, and strains; bruises; cramps; headaches; pre- and post-workout — almost anything you might experience from your day-to-day training.

The raw ingredients we use are at the highest levels of quality and purity. The organic, natural ingredients in our formulations are strictly evaluated to ensure that all our products are a viable, safe, and effective alternative to traditional sports medicine.

Canna Hemp™ X believes in natural wellness and healing. Utilizing high quality and organic ingredients, our goal is to treat the body like a professional athlete when it comes to relief and recovery for past injury aches, post-workout discomfort, and other conditions associated with action sports. We aim to bring people a natural choice.

Canna Hemp™ X Products

Canna Hemp™ X provides real benefits.


100% legal, certified cannabidiol (CBD) and THC-Free.


Independently tested by a certified laboratory to assure quality assurance and confirm ingredient potency, cannabinoid profile, microbials, residual solvents.


Provides enhanced results by increasing effectiveness and absorption.