Best in State: 2018’s Top Cannabis in Nevada

Best in State: 2018’s Top Cannabis in Nevada

There are too many amazing cannabis companies in Nevada, which is a good problem to have if you’re compiling a list like this. The trouble is in attempting to narrow it down. It’s a well-known secret that Nevada is the market to watch for cannabis trends. Nevada has a fiercely independent and discerning spirit. 

Looking through our history, many, from the mafia to the dirtiest of corporations have tried to conquer Nevada; and only the brands considered the best of the best have managed to remain standing in the Silver State. 

cbd relief cream

Best Topical: Canna Hemp™ CBD Relief Cream 

Whispered about among cannabis client specialists at nearly every Nevada dispensary I have visited, Canna Hemp Relief felt like a magic potion that was perpetually out of my reach. I’d ask about the cannabis-based topical products that were available, inquire about which ones they would recommend, and in the midst of their list, a pause. “Oh, but Canna Hemp Relief”… And I’d lose whomever it was in a private reverie. Turns out they had just sold the last one in stock, and I’d be left wishing I could find some. What was the big? 

When I finally laid hands on it, I understood the hype. Canna Hemp CBD Relief Cream has a cool, rejuvenating sensation, and the light formula means your skin just soaks it up. Inflammation above and below the dermis is calmed and soothed with cannabis derived terpenes and organic botanical oils like rosemary and eucalyptus. 

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