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Add Strength Training to your Fitness Routine

Starting and maintaining an active lifestyle can deliver a host of health benefits. For those over 50, strength training can offer even more health benefits.


Stress Management – Exercise releases mood boosting endorphins that may assist in reducing stress, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression. Feeling fit and strong may also increase the feeling of confidence and self-love, promoting a feeling of well-being. 

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Sleep Management – Exercise can assist in falling sleep and improving the quality of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your immunity system and assist productivity.


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Pain Management – Ongoing research suggest that strength training can also assist in reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and decreasing the risk of heart disease.


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Increase Bone Density – As we age, we lose bone density, which may lead to osteoporosis. Strength training is a great way to combat bone density loss and reduce the risk of bone fractures.


CBD recovery creams, ensure tinctures, muscle balms

Boost self-esteem – Being active and healthy can improve the feeling of well-being. Having better mobility and strength improves one’s ability to be more active and enjoy life more freely and fully.


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