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CBD Topicals: 3 Reasons To Try

What is CBD?

CBD is a term used for cannabinoids, which is a substance extracted from the cannabis plant and used for different mental and physical health issues like depression, anxiety, inflammation, and cognitive impairment. CBD is different from THC which has psychoactive properties that get you high. When CBD is extracted, it is then used in different products like food, beverages, oils, and creams. These creams are often referred to as topicals and have become very popular to help with arthritis, joint pain, and chronic inflammation. CBD can come from two strains of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. Marijuana is the stronger of the two and is mostly used with its THC intact to produce a euphoric high. When CBD is extracted from marijuana it generally has stronger effects than when it is extracted from hemp. Depending on how strong you want your topical, it is a good idea to see which strain the CBD in the cream comes from.
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What is a CBD Topical?

CBD topicals are creams that contain the substance extracted from cannabis plants and are used to ease pain, and inflammation and relax muscles. These topicals have been used in India, Africa, and parts of the Middle East for thousands of years to treat different skin conditions. These alternative medicine methods have recently become popular in North America and more people are seeing the benefit of this natural topical. When CBD is mixed in with a cream, it can be easily absorbed by the skin and start to heal the part of the body that hurts or is tense.

Three Reasons to Try CBD Topicals:

Pain Relief

There are a whole host of conditions that cannabinoid cream is good for, but they are primarily used for these:

Joint Pain

CBD relief cream can be directly rubbed into the area where the joints are sore, and within minutes you will start to feel a difference. This cream is absorbed quickly and starts to work on loosening the joints and soft tissue, so you have relief from the pain.

Sore Muscles

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Cannabinoid topical cream is also used by athletes to help their muscles recover faster after an intense workout. There is an abundance of cannabinoid receptors in the epidermis, so when the CBD topical is applied, the CBD binds to those receptors. This process helps alleviate inflammation in overworked muscles and helps them get back to feeling normal again faster. and reduces pain and stiffness.

Random Aches and Pains

As you get older, you may start to notice little nagging aches and pains in certain areas of your body. Little twinges in the back, and other areas can come and go, but they can also be irritating throughout the day until they work themselves out. CBD topicals can help reduce the pain and eliminate it sooner and leave you with a bounce in your step for the rest of the day.

Arthritis Pain

When you are looking for a natural solution to help with arthritis pain, there are balms and topical creams available that contain CBD to help.

Nerve Pain

Another type of pain that can be alleviated with CBD is nerve pain which can be irritating and incessant. If you suffer from nerve pain in your legs, it can also affect your sleep as it is hard to find a comfortable position that it is not painful. CBD will help with the pain as well as with the sleep by providing pain relief and relaxation.

Easy to Find

Rather than taking the time to make an appointment with a doctor and getting a costly prescription for pain medication, you can find CBD very easily online or locally.
The best CBD topicals are available online, in cannabis dispensaries, in vitamin and supplements stores, and in health and beauty shops. You don’t need a prescription to get it, and the cost is not prohibitive. In some places, you might be able to get a free sample to try before you buy the container as well.

Little to No Adverse Side Effects

CBD is naturally produced by the skin, and the topical cream is just activating the positive effects in your body. There are no side effects because it is not ingested, and it does not enter the bloodstream.
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Whether you have chronic pain or little aches and pains in your body, CBD topicals can help alleviate that discomfort safely and naturally. You can find topicals online, at your vitamin supplement store, or at your local cannabis dispensary. Give CBD topicals a try and rid yourself of your pain.
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